prep + tips

how to make this session, your best yet

During individual sessions, dancers benefit tremendously, (skill level permitting), by performing sections of their dance during their photo shoot. It helps to be prepared for this. Practice what parts of your performances you like best, so when asked you are ready to roll. Less time is spent coaching and more pictures are taken.

As an add on to the previous, the more emotionally the dancer performs, the more natural the outcome.

Weather is always variable and can border on the extreme. Please plan accordingly, make sure to apply necessary sunscreens or sprays, bring snacks if needed and keep hydrated.  ​

BE READY. 15 Minutes early, in your first costume. Have your makeup done, hair ties off your wrist, costume on properly, lipstick applied carefully, hair done naturally (typically down), or up if costume requires, remove any and all distractions ahead of time. ​ Eat and use the restroom before arriving.