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Although I do get special permission from clients to sometimes post specific boudoir photos, typically ones that don't reveal identity, I don't feel comfortable sharing a gallery of photographs on the site. It actually pains me to say it, because of how gorgeous and outstanding the portfolio truly is. Boudoir is an area I shine in, I love this work, in the right setting and for the right purpose. But at the end of the day, perhaps the main reason these photographs are so valuable is because they are private. They are meant to be a secret, between two people and the line needs to be respected. Additionally, I think it's appropriate that this site remain PG ;)

Now that we got that out of the way! I LOVE THIS WORK! Typically sessions are about 90-120 minutes but really they could go for 4 hours without issue. These sessions FLY by. They also require a good amount of planning. Locations, and wardrobe, and hair, and makeup, all need to be intentional. There is typically a pretty set order of events and for good reason, structure is necessary. 

It never fails though, clients come out of these sessions feeling excited, happy, and confident. They are a ton of fun. Most importantly, the photographs that come out of boudoir sessions are incredibly rewarding, personal, and impactful.


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