Hey there! Congratulations to all of you brides-to-be! If that is you, there are a few things I want you to know. If you're curious, click here. 


And a big welcome to everyone! Over the course of about 16 years, I have shot hundreds of weddings. Although weddings are only one of the many things I shoot, they've made up much of my time as a photographer. I find that they are the only category of photography that incorporates all the others, plus some. You can't shoot a wedding without also shooting food, portraits, events, family, landscape, architecture, and products. So in that way, all good things come together in them. Then add in love, liability, time crunches, schedules, big family dynamics, relationships and you've got the crazy mixture that develops grit in this industry. I've loved every moment. It all made me a legit photographer, a real one, a pro. 

All that to say, behold proof of that history, the photographs.