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Although dance is definitely a subset of artist, in my career it's a category all its own. For over a decade, I've dedicated an impressive amount of work hours in just this one area. I'd love to say that it was all my idea but actually it wasn't until I was approached by a dance company, that I realized there was unexplored space in this area that I could call my own. It's all been a bit of dream really, because it was the only time I created work that I didn't have a preconceived idea of what it should look like ahead of time. There's a special synergy that occurs at a shoot when everyone involved is creative. You kind of go into this unknown of what's possible, where inspiration is given and taken, and you come out the other side with this incredible art. As a photographer I'm always trying to plant myself dead center of actual real life authenticity, a place where emotion is documented more so than anything else. With dance, those moments are absolutely inevitable. In this way, I've discovered dance itself is truly an art form to be respected. I don't know that people can fully appreciate the skill of a dancer that makes dancing look easy. The best of the best have an insane amount of discipline, focus, drive, athletic ability, vision, fearlessness, humility, adaptability, and guts. It doesn't look easy because it is easy. These artists make that happen. The most skilled of dancers could choose any career and outperform their peers. The best of the best here, really are the best of the best anywhere.

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