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At Emory Photography we like to follow families through all their stages in life. From maternity days, to birthing, newborn sessions, senior sessions, and everywhere in between. Small family sessions and extended family sessions, christmas sessions, 30 minute mini-sessions, to 90 minute sessions, there really isn't any part of family photography left undocumented. 

When you think of the term "family photographer", here that can mean for now and for always. Clients enjoy and appreciate archived and organized private galleries that they can always visit, order, and download from for the entirety of our relationship. All of your sessions live in a place of worry-free online storage safety. Additionally, and perhaps the best part is, you will know your photographer. Over the years, your kids will know their photographer. That means less anxiety, less getting to know ya time, easy care-free anytime contact with me. Have a question about outfits, text it over at 9pm. Thoughts about locations, call anytime. Quick random question, text on the fly.


After we get in the groove, I'll know your address, your kids personality, your style, your family tree, your preferences, and probably a good portion of your life's story. Imagine one of your good friends, then imagine they are photographer, that'll be me :)



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