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( custom pricing for events + newborn first year packaging ) 



choose from

pre-set dates + locations + time slots


mostly posed

limited variety


private gallery ( 1 week access )

gallery of 15 images :

download your favorite 5 images

10 images available for purchase


+ 25 city locations / some locations

( 50% retainer at booking )



choose from

pre-set dates + locations + time slots


posed + candid

moderate variety of shots / background



private gallery ( permanent access )

gallery of 25 images :

download your favorite 10 images

15 images available for purchase



( 50% retainer at booking )


60 - 90 MINUTES


a custom date + location + time


posed + candid

most variety of shots / background



private gallery ( permanent access )

*multiple locations + outfit

download of all edited images (50+) 

prints + albums available for purchase

starting at $475

+ 75 / extended family / seniors    + 125 / engagement / newborn

​          ( $150 retainer due at booking )

family session pricing q+a


How many people can shoot in a 10 minute mini swift session?

Mini swifts are typically geared towards one individual or one single household group. This is to get the most variety possible in a 10 minute period of time possible. The more people the less variety. Some mini swifts are specifically and obviously one individual centered but could allow for one group shot. If your doing a family swift session and you have more than 5 people, I might suggest you look at the mini classic as a better fit. Extended family sessions typically require booking either two back-to-back 30 minute  mini classics or switching on over to a custom classic session.

Can I bring my pet?

Not unless the session explicitly states they are allowed or the session is geared towards animals. Many locations do not allow animals on property.

What is the differences between mini swift sessions and mini classic sessions besides amount of time?

There are several big differences but the most major one being locations. There are some locations that just are not possible with a 10 min session. Some locations require entry fees, which would not be practical for 10 min sessions. Additionally, some locations are too vast, that getting there punctually and logistically would become to complicated for back-to-back 10 minute sessions. Additionally, 30 minute sessions include so much more variety in shots taken. They do feel less rushed. The mini swift is fast and furious and that's okay, it serves its purpose for specific situations. 

What is the advantage of a custom classic session over a mini?

There are many. Off the top, locations, dates, and times are not pre-selected. Your entire session is selected to fit your needs, schedule, and preferences. There is a greater variety of shots, backgrounds, outfits, locations, and shoot style freedom. More people can be photographed, and in greater detail. The locations can be more unique in some situations and over all its just a far more relaxed session. The custom classic also includes all digital images.

For minis, when do I find out exact locations and meet times?

You will be emailed 1-2 before your mini-session shoot date with all pertinent information. 

What is the payment schedule for sessions?

A 50% nonrefundable retainer is due upon booking. The second 50% balance is due the day of shoot. 

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